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Month: September 2016

Episode #4: Souplantation

In today’s episode of ‘Are We Still Friends?’, Chris and Shannon discuss Vine culture, sad drives, wedding etiquette, Le Cookie Monkey, cookie types, wedding leftovers, Sweet Tomatoes, not watching classic movies, marriage, dating apps, making new friends, Kyle’s girlfriend, and Chris’ promise to himself.

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Episode #3: OJ Simpson Is Listening to This Podcast from Jail

In today’s episode of ‘Are We Still Friends?’, Chris & Shannon discuss Ghostbusters, underground tickle-fetish videos, being asexual, dreams, OJ, Shannon’s worldwide fame, Kyle’s girlfriend, Stranger Things, Winona Ryder, Bill Cosby, rape, abortion, Kyle’s girlfriend, camping, Dax Shepard & Kristin Bell, and Chris Pratt & Anna Faris, Sandra Bullock, and Kanye West & Kim Kardashian.

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Episode #1: Flesh Colored Crayon

In the very first episode, Chris & Shannon discuss being positive, being in love (with other people), birth control, Kyle’s girlfriend, Chris’ ‘Front Porch Session in the Backyard’, community events, Portland improv, Ryan Lochte, Gabby Douglas, internet commentating, physical attractiveness and dating, skin pigments and sunburns.

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